Orfik (youjeen) wrote,

Collector's Item - Vicious magazine, issue 1, 1998.

These are scans from the large number of band features in a January 1998 issue of Vicious magazine. The stock is extremely high quality - obvious, considering it's in great condition after almost six years! I'm actually open to selling it to the highest bidder - reserve is $45 [e-mail me with your bid and I will let you know the status].

Featured bands include: Baiser, Blue, Cascade, Chisato, Dir en grey, Eins-Vier, Fanatic Crisis, Feel, Gisho, Guniw Tools, Hakuei + Kiyoshi, Jesus Believe Me, Laputa, La'cryma Christi, I'luvia, Maschera, Merry Go Round, Malice Mizer, Penicillin, the Petes Best, Pierrot, Ravecraft, Rouage, Shazna, Sophia, Sex Machineguns, Siam Shade, Stray and Valentine D.C. These are just the bands I chose to scan, and then only the pictures I took from their extended layouts -- there are tens of tens more bands and photos. ^_^






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