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April 19 READ 004

I know I've been apathetic, sorry!  I picked this up when I was in Japan last month and thought it worth scanning.  It's a photobook/interview publication called READ that comes out about four times a year I believe, and features long, thorough articles interviewing a specific set of musicians.  The pages are sturdy and the binding's great quality.  This issue features Tatsurou (mucc), Yura-sama (Psycho le cému), Daisuke  (Kagerou), Takui, Kohta (Pierrot), and musicians from Wyse, Plastic Tree and goatbed (their names escape me. x_x)
I'm neither a fan of watermarks nor making this journal private, so please pity my arm enough to give scanning credit if you use these images.  If you would like to put them on your website reply here, or send me an e-mail with your url, so I can check it out!

Lastly, I'll give this book free to whoever can find me a dvd/vhs of the film Hotel Hibiscus and a cd of "Rompers," composed by Pirami for the artist Odani Motohiki -- shipping included! I'm desperate. @_@

[ About 80 large scans behind cut. ]
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