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November's Children


Scans include Dir en grey, TMR, Pierrot, Plastic Tree, Kiyoharu, MUCC, Glay and Gackt .. plus some more.  The mags are Zappy - November 2003, Weekly Oricon 12/1/2003, and Gothic & Lolita Magazine.  All of these are up for auction. ^_^

MEEP!  DAIGO! (These are watermarked for a good reason - if you'd like the unmarked versions, please e-mail me at orphicget@aol.com, thanks! >)
Isn't he a treasure? I'm glad he's finally got a good shoot! ^_____^
Look at those buns! @_@
Boa's in the Zappy. ^_^
:Q ..
Some new Diru live shots.
I'm loving Kaoru's hair.
What's on Toshiya's cheek? Is the tooth coming through? ._.
Also in the Zappy - some Puraturi. :)

Kiyoharu's covering up his tattoos, NOT COOL.
Why's J standing next to Takanori, and why's he smirking like that? e_e
Kirito. I'm unbiased, see? :p
These are the WO mag - it's Gackt's hand! :O
This is a COOOOOL EGL Mag I happened upon.  I seriously recommend it for costume makers.

And some random Penicillin, yay!

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